Sterling, like Alloy, is a self-contained executable which includes the Kodkod model finder, a variety of SAT solvers, the standard Alloy library, and a collection of tutorial examples. Additionally, the web interface is included so that a network connection is not needed to use Sterling. To execute, simply double-click on the jar file, or type java -jar Sterling-1.0.0.jar, replacing the version number to match the one you have downloaded.

Current Release

Sterling 1.1

Sterling 1.1 is an incremental update that introduces the Script View. The Script View is used to generate custom visualizations from Alloy instances.

Previous Releases

Sterling 1.0

Sterling 1.0 showcases a brand new user interface built using React and Blueprint. Aside from the overhauled interface, the most notable update is the lack of a tree view; its removal was an intentional decision, as it did not provide any functionality that isn't already present in the Alloy visualizer. Furthermore, the "snapshot" layout previously used in the graph view is no longer available. The graph rendering library has been entirely replaced and it does not yet support compound nodes (but will in an upcoming release).

All previous releases can be found on the releases page of the Sterling GitHub repository.